Internet Cafe Solution

Internet Cafe Software

Full Control

All computers are controlled from one computer running Internet Caffe Server application. Timing, billing and management can't be easier


Restrict access to Ctrl+Alt+ Del and other system keys, local drives, Internet Explorer settings, Control Panel, and ANY window you choose. Run Client as windows shell and increase security even further ! When inactive, the Client is locked with a protection screen


From server you can lock and unlock, reboot, shutdown computers or take a look at their desktops

Internet, Office, Games

Three program categories can be used with unlimited number of programs. Customizing shortcuts you can give access only to specified applications and protect computers of potentially destructive software that customers may run


Check out earnings and charged items for a specified time period, computer, employee or type of service. Export data as html, csv or text report

Pricing methods

In case of prepaid mode, you can choose between :
- Block pricing, with fixed price for time interval (like $1 for 15 min)
- Price per hour, with price updated each minute
In case of postpaid mode, time is deducted each minute from customer account (unless you allow unlimited usage until specified date)

Printer tracking

CD tracking notification and printer tracking with automatic adding on the customer bill


The main Client's panel displays bannerswhich will cycle at the specified interval. A great way to represent other services of your cafe !If you don't like them, choose different skin and you will get extra space on screen


Customer and employee can chat using short messages. Customer can ask for help or order a drink without leaving his computer


All Client computers are administered from Server. You can setup pricing, security options, list of restricted programs, color of Client protection masks, banner page, Internet Explorer settings etc.

Bandwidth Monitoring

Shows how much network traffic is generated by each customer. Amount is displayed in kilobytes. There are plenty of options for limiting and charging per data transferred


Pressing on the 'help' button customer can read a short manual. You can show important things like : terms of usage, how-to instructions, prices.

Activity log

Stores many information including: charged items or services, time when Caffe Server is started (or closed), exact time of login attempts on Server, employee actions and many more. Server database is encoded and protected from unauthorized modifications.

Language support

We have included in installer plenty of languages. Any of these can be adjusted to your own needs through editor integrated in Caffe Server. Some of included languages are: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Serbian, Macedonian, Albanian, Russian, Icelandic, Swedish, Danish, Arabic, Greek, Croatian, German, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Polish...

Change computers

Customers can switch computers and their time and bill will be transferred on new computer

E-mail reporting

Statistical HTML reports can be sent to your E-mail at specified time of the day. Employee can also do it manually

Multiple cafes support

If you have more then one cafe, you can connect them in network and share timecodes and member accounts. Your customers will be able to use their remaining time in any of your cafes. To use this option, you need to order separate license for every cafe

Windows compatible

You can use software on any Windows operating system. W98 / Me / NT / W2000 / W2003 Server / XP (Home and Pro)