DreamNet Compounds Internet Services

1 Gbps Internet Access

We can offer high speed Internet to the compounds is not comparable; we throug fiber Optics cables, so that we facilitate the compounds with really huge bandwidth for decades to come. To accommodate the 1 Gbps connection in the residential units, we have special design set of solutions tailored to provide every residential unit with Data Box which has the terminations of the broadband width Internet Access Hardware as well as all the inside LAN cables point of distribution.

Wireless Access

DreamNet will enable all compound tenants to go online wireless from anywhere in the compound

Video Conferencing

With the high bandwidth every compound tenant will be able to Video Conference locally in the compound with a speed that reaches 1 Gbps, more over video conferencing will be also available through the Internet using just the IP telephony inside the compound units

Video on Demand

DreamNet Solutions gives high bandwidth access to all the compound units has designed special solution for video on demand and video streaming. Where all the tenant can watch any movie while they are in their home, and it will be pay per view utilizing the fiber infrastructure provided by 7i Solutions.

Property Remote Control

Every property in the compound can be monitored and controlled remotely from anywhere in the world. Dream Net solutions for Broadband width Internet Access that enabled all installed telemetric equipments and CCTV cameras to be controlled by the tenants from anywhere using any Internet browser.