Access Services (Leased Lines)


Dedicated Internet Services
The Internet is one of today's most valuable business tools. Every day, more small- and medium-sized companies are using the Internet to expand their markets and reach more customers; while large businesses, driven by widespread TCP/IP deployment, are increasing the number of Internet applications they use.

But to maximize your business' benefits, you need more than just a connection. You need speed and you need efficiency. And you don't need to spend a lot of money to get what you want.
We are committed to helping you do business on the Internet with confidence. Our Dedicated Internet Services are:

  • Fast


    For getting more work done faster, you can count on our reputation for high network speed. Dedicated access is faster than dial-up; speeds range from 64 Kbps to 2Mbps and higher.

  • Reliable


    There is no single point of failure on our backbone network.

  • Convenient


    We provide turnkey selection, installation and configuration of all hardware and software, including customer premises equipment.

  • Efficient


    Experienced network consultants help you tailor your services to your exact needs and requirements.

Our Dedicated Internet Services encompass a portfolio of business solutions designed to enable your company to harness the power of the Internet.


Go global on the Internet
What can your business do with a DreamNet Internet connection?

Do More Business Faster

Our Dedicated Internet Services provide quicker access to files, applications, e-mail, databases and people, no matter where they are located.

Ensure Dependable Service

for Employees and Customers You can rely on the stability of a major provider to deliver "round-the-clock" access for mission-critical applications.

Conduct Business More Efficiently

Connect to the Internet network around the world to market products, send and receive e-mail, conduct research and communicate with customers and employees.

Minimize Your Communication Budget

Dedicated Internet Services pricing is simple to understand and is priced competitively. Additionally, Dedicated Internet Services can be integrated with other services for a total "one-stop" solution.

Save Money Immediately

If you are currently using ten or more dial-up lines to access the Internet, you may save money by switching to faster, more reliable dedicated services.

Rely on the Experts

DreamNet offers ongoing management and consulting services which, when combined with a network topology that provides maximum protection from outages, brings you a reliability factor unmatched by any non-primary provider.

Connectivity Features

Dedicated Connection

Your office is connected to the DreamNet Dedicated IP network via a dedicated access line between the central office and your site.

Access Speed

Choose from a variety of options per location: 64 kbps, fractional/full E1 and Higher.

Full Service Provisioning

All lines and network management are included. DreamNet serves as a single point of contact for trouble reporting and problem resolution for addressing, routing, circuitry and hardware.

Value Added Benefits

Beyond Internet Access

We offer a full suite of value-added services designed to complement our Dedicated Internet Services.
  • Access to a 24/7 technical support team as well as on-site help upon request.
  • One training session covering basic administrative & troubleshooting for Internet-working hardware (optional)
  • An e-mail account to be used to communicate problems & comments to us. Guarantees the fastest way to solve your problems.
  • A web-based interface to enable you to check your leased line utilization in real-time.
  • Full documentation of the Internet, connectivity troubleshooting, Modem configuration, e-mail adding & deleting.
  • Quarterly meeting Our Chief Infrastructure Officer with your Technical Staff to discuss any problems & Present new technologies & solutions.
  • We can provide you with Performance, Security Consultancy & Measurements on your connection (authentication, routing, IP restrictions, Filters....).


Around-the-Clock support
Taking your business onto the Internet provides new possibilities and creates a new set of challenges. DreamNet Internet Services' support services take care of the details so you can focus on building your business, not your network.

Customer Premises Equipment

DreamNet can supply, install and maintain CPE on your behalf.