Company Profile

DreamNet was established in 1998, a member of the group of Al-Essa'ey and AL Sawady. DreamNet is a pioneer company in internet service in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. DreamNet presents integrated internet services, it presents integrated solution for these services built on internet technology. It also presents solutions of computer networks, solutions of hosting, programming and developing websites and all these services built on the highest and the most modern technology.

By doing this, DreamNet aims at presenting the best solutions for its clients in information systems technology. DreamNet depends on varying its services and presenting integrated solutions in the field of information technology and finally presenting these services to the client in away the suits his/her needs and thus saving his/her time and money and also showing a high level of services. DreamNet has a wide geographical scope because of the nature presenting information technology services; it provides services for biggest number of customers inside all the areas of kingdom and outside it.

What we believe

Our Vision

Dedicating all our efforts and possibilities to satisfy the needs and requirements of partners and customers. This is through providing the most modern means of technology and most elegant connection services with suitable prices and in a way that achieves the highest levels of performance for our customers.

Our Mission

Cruise the world to explore the latest ideas, the latest scientific and practical solutions to our partners, Integrate with them through our outstanding team which is based on develop engineering techiques and solutions to even offer to our customers extracted research, global experince to satisfy the needs of their plans and projects for the future.